Our Story

Futurology Farm Owners, Ed & Tammy Collins

Meet the Owners

Futurology Farms is the realization of a life-long dream by Ed and Tammy Collins.

The desire to own land and create a space for passionate people has long seemed only glimmer on the horizon.

In 2020, the couple decided to take a leap of faith and set out to build the dream.

Having never visited Tennessee, they ventured to the Volunteer state in June. It was love at first site with the state and people.

Unfortunately, they left that trip feeling as though the dream was too big to bring to life.

Not ready to give up, they returned in July following a potential lead on a property. Once again finding disappointment, they were determined to find the vision they had in their minds.

It seems as though the universe was leading them to the farm. Every action led them closer to a mysterious place.

Once they set foot on the glorious land now coined the farm, they knew the dream was destiny.

Futurology Farms

Despite the 28-acre farm being in its early stages of development, it is a serene and magical place perched atop a mountain overlooking the Cumberland River in Tennessee which provides an ever-changing view.

It’s not uncommon to see deep rich fog engulf the valley or glistening mountain tops sparkle in the sunlight.

The view from the point is different every time you visit.


The area is full of rich history with landmarks from the civil war. The agriculture and music abound the countryside.

The property boosts stunning vista views, nature trails, wildlife, river fun, and is a state park paradise. Whether you want to relax and gaze at the picturesque countryside, fish up and down the river, kayak or canoe for miles, explore the river in a boat, hike endlessly, enjoy a roaring fire, make a basket or whittle a walking stick, Futurology Farms offers a diverse experiential stay.

While there is no evidence of a farm yet, the property boasts a glorious experience at every turn. Nestled in Middle Tennessee, exploration to many destinations is an easy and beautiful drive.

Come hide in the hills of Tennessee!