Camping Journal Logbook Memory Book

Record Your Camping Adventure Memories

Camping is about connecting with nature, friends, and family. It’s about exploration and travel. For those who seek adventure in nature, this camping journal will be the perfect travel companion book.

Record the details and the memories of your camping experience. Your phone doesn’t provide the same connection and experience to your travel experience as a traditional pen and paper.

The journal includes space to plan meals and shopping lists to plan daily outings and excursions. Capture the details to remember and share with others.

There is space to record the details for 24 camping trips.

7" x 10" Matte Hardcover

296 pages

Cream paper 55# (90GSM)

ISBN: 978-1-958591-01-7

The camping journal includes things like- Travel dates, location, campground, campsite, weather, ratings, cost, photos, notes, drawings/sketches, favorites,

daily trip planning, meal planning, shopping list, journaling pages, wild animal guide, common poisonous plant guide, basic knot guide, survival tips, don’t forget to pack list, and more.

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Futurology Farms Is For ...

  • the passionate person who wants to connect with nature

  • the adventurer who loves to explore the beauty of the land

  • couples who wish to reconnect

  • those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.